Formal Wear

"Formal wear is all about style and elegance. The key is to also incorporate fit and comfort " - Jeff Collins, Professional Haberdasher

At we provide both ready-made and custom formal wear. If you have more than one opportunity to wear a tuxedo in the next few years then purchasing rather than renting can make good sense. Not to mention, it just never feels right wearing someone else’s tux and a paper thin polyester shirt.

While the company party, an upscale dinner on a cruise can still be occasions to don a tuxedo or heading out to the Oscars would be nice, nowadays the most likely formal event you are going to attend is perhaps a wedding or fundraiser auction. For example, many auctions are accompanied by a theme from another part of the world or a time gone by. Such an event still dictates donning the tuxedo but allows you the opportunity to have more flare in your shirt, tie or pocket silk. It is perfectly fine to put on the standard black & white outfit but why not have some fun and wear your tux with a bold tie or a colorful vest.

Let us know if you would like help putting together your next formal or semi formal outfit. Or reach out if you simply have questions.