Logo Wear

"Your Employees’ Image Is Your Company’s Image" - Jeff Collins, Professional Haberdasher

I have been in a prominent law firm downtown where the person watering the plants was dressed more professionally than one of the attorneys walking through the lobby. Fortunately much of the lackadaisical casual dress from the dot com wave has subsided and professional dress has made a comeback.

When times are good dress tends to relax because there is ample business to be had by all. During tighter times professional dress elevates because it is one way you can keep up with or ahead of your competition. Having an employee wear a shirt or jacket with your company logo has the opportunity to accomplish many goals instantly:

One of my clients was at the store on the weekend, wearing a very nice company polo I made. Another shopper noticed his logo and asked about his company. From that conversation my client landed a contract for work at the Mariners' stadium and was followed by more work at the Seahawks' stadium. Could this have happened wearing a plain t-shirt that weekend? Is your clothing working for you?