First Impressions

It's well known it takes less than five seconds to make a first impression and 'you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.' The way you dress not only has a major impact on the way people view you, it affects the way you view yourself. If you are confident in what you wear you will project confidence in what you do. Often, businessmen tell me that when they put on their custom suits and shirts, they feel better about themselves. If you feel great about yourself, others will feel it also. Do you know what message your clothes are sending?

Staying Competitive

In today's economic climate, professionals have either kept up with current styles in order to stay competitive in the work place or have stayed the same and risked losing business to those who have. Not too long ago, companies were looking for consultants to help define and implement the concept of casual Friday. Fast forward to now and businesses are moving away from the casual office which sported logo t-shirts, wrinkled cotton pants and boat shoes. Back then I visited a Seattle law firm where it was difficult to distinguish who was an attorney and who was there to water the plants. Nowadays companies are encoraging employees go back to a more traditional business look of tailored clothing - professional shirts, slacks, skirts and proper dress shoes.

Sign of the Times

Consider it a sign of the times. Today your potential customers expect professionals to look and act professionally. In their minds, anything less could be harmful to the bottom line of their business. True professionalism is the end result when companies strive to have their professional image leave their customers feeling comfortable and confident in them.

The fact is the business world is changing and we must be more proactive in making our appearance a priority. Your investment in your personal image is an investment in your business.